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Eye Bolt DIN580 M10


Nut manufactured according to the standard: DIN580


  • Galvanised, used as a fastening, gripping, and connecting element during lifting and transporting.
  • Used in construction machinery, trailers, containers, semi-trailers, etc.
  • Quick and easy to install and remove.


Exact dimensions and specifications are shown in the technical drawing.


Product Details:


Standard: DIN 582

Material: Galvanised Steel

Colour: Silver

Features: Corrosion-resistant, durable construction, suitable for lifting and securing

Eye Nut Size: M10

Load Capacity: 230 kg

Breaking Strength: 1840 kg

Lifting Eye Nut M10 Nuts, Ring Shape Female Nuts Fastener Lifting Eye Nut

PriceFrom £2.87

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