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Product Description:

Roofing nails are special nails used for securing roofing felt, shingles, and bituminous tiles to wooden roof substrates.

In addition to roofing work, they are also excellent for joining thin sheet metal elements or attaching metal flashing to wooden structures.

They are made from low-carbon steel and feature a flat-conical head and a smooth shank, which greatly aids in driving the nails and ensures excellent rigidity and precision during work.


Reliable and Durable:


Our galvanised roofing nails are designed for securing roofing materials. Made from high-quality steel and coated with zinc for enhanced corrosion resistance, they ensure long-lasting performance.


Perfect Size:

Each nail measures 3.0x20mm, ideal for various roofing projects.


Convenient Packaging: Comes in a pack approximately 500 nails, perfect for both small and large projects.


Versatile Use: Suitable for securing shingles, roofing felt, and other materials.

Application: Ideal for General Roofing, Shed Roofing, Felt Roofing, and even upholstery for frames and other construction projects


Key Features:

  • Material: High-quality galvanised steel
  • Head: Flat (Large)
  • Corrosion-resistant: Zinc-coated for durability
  • Size: 3.0x20mm



Technical Specifications:


  • d - Nail Diameter (Thickness): 3.0mm
  • L - Nail Length: 20mm

These are open to fluctuations in tolerances of +/- 4%


  • Coating: Galvanized
  • Finish Type: Smooth
  • Type: Roofing Nails
  • Material: Steel Wire

Galvanised Roofing Nails felt roof large head kennel shed (3.0x20mm)


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