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If you want your home to look neat and tidy our bespoke solid, handmade,deep shoe rack bench and matching coat rack would be  a perfect storage solution for any type of interior.

You can purchase this shoe bench and coat rack individually , or you can opt for the combination shoe bench and coat rack set for a great value. This handmade, bespoke set is perfect for keeping your entryway or mudroom free of clutter and organized.


About our Wooden Shoe Rack


Crafted from solid wood, this unique storage bench is built to last and hold up to 120kg, meaning you can sit and relax on the top of the bench without any worry. with the two fixed shelves and its sturdy construction,it can hold multiple pairs of shoes, making it a great addition to any mudroom or entryway. 


The shoe bench is handmade with great care and attention to detail to ensure it is of the highest quality possible. And with height 45cm, you can maximise available space.
Furthermore, it comes fully assembled, saving you the hassle of putting it together yourself.


Made to order.


Product Weight & Dimensions:
Width: From 50cm to 120cm
Depth: 22cm
Tolerance +/- 1cm


The top of the bench and the sides of the coat rack can be finished in Antique Pine, Dark Oak, or Tudor Oak Wax, while the base is painted in one of 18 different colors. 
*Please add top colour as your personalisation when placing your order.*

Base/Body Colours
●1. Black Painted Body
●2. Ash Grey Painted Body
●3. Dark Green Painted Body
●4. Cappuccino Painted Body
●5. Navy Painted Body
●6. Evergreen Painted Body
●7. White Painted Body
●8. Silver Painted Body
●9. Ocean Painted Body
●10. Lapis Painted Body
●11. Stone Painted Body
●12. Sage Painted Body
●13. Blue Painted Body
●14. Grey Painted Body
●15. Green Painted Body
●16. Sky Painted Body
●17. Olive Painted Body
●18. Dove Grey Painted Body


Top of the Shoe Rack/Coat Rack Sides:

●Antique Pine
●Dark Oak
●Tudor Oak


About our Wooden Coat Rack

This coat rack can have up 120 cm in length. We have used high quality paint to finish off the base of the coat rack and wax on the sides.
The sides of the coat rack can be finished in Antique Pine, Dark Oak, or Tudor Oak Wax, while the base is painted in one of 18 different colors. 

Each coat rack is delivered fully assembled. Please note that no additional fittings will be provided.


50cm/60cm-4 hooks
70cm/80cm-5 hooks
90cm/100cm-6 hooks
110cm/120cm-7 hooks

Base/Body Colour:

● 4.Cappuccino- Cappuccino Painted Body


Other options available:


●1.Black- Black Painted Body

● 2.Ash Grey- Ash Grey Painted Body

● 3.Dark Green- Dark Green Painted Body

● 5.Navy- Navy Painted Body

● 6.Evergreen- Evergreen Painted Body

● 7.White- White Painted Body

● 8.Silver- Silver Painted Body

● 9.Ocean- Ocean Painted Body

● 10.Lapis- Lapis Painted Body

● 11.Stone- Stone Painted Body

● 12.Sage- Sage Painted Body

● 13.Blue- Blue Painted Body

● 14.Grey- Grey Painted Body

● 15.Green- Green Painted Body

● 16.Sky- Sky Painted Body

● 17.Olive- Olive Painted Body

● 18.Dove Grey- Dove Grey Painted Body

● 19.Cream- Cream Painted Body

● 20.Lavender- Lavender Painted Body

● 21.Yellow- Yellow Painted Body


Coat Rack Sides:
●Antique Pine
●Dark Oak
●Tudor Oak


Each unique shoe rack and coat rack has been made from wood therefore you may notice a slight variations in a structure or colour such as splits and other imperfections.

Chocolate Solid Bespoke wall mounted Coat Rack and Shoe Rack 22 cm Deep

Top Colour

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