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Wheel chocks prevent vehicles from uncontrolled movement on slopes, as well as within garages or workshops. These chocks feature a specific design that ensures vehicle stability regardless of surface conditions, and they are durable and resistant to damage, thanks to the precise selection of synthetic materials used in their production.

Ensure your vehicle's safety with our heavy-duty wheel chock block, capable of securing vehicles up to 3.5 tons.


  • Load Capacity: Wheel Chock Block - Wheel Lock for up to 3.5 Tons
  • Material: Heavy-duty construction
  • Features: Compact size and simple construction make them easy to store in the trunk, allowing every driver to have them on hand.
  • Features: Prevents vehicle movement for added safety



  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Red


Note: Colour may vary depending on the batch.


Wheel Chock Block - Wheel Lock for up to 3.5 Tons Levelling Chocks for -2 pieces


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